Wednesday, January 15, 2014

testing spacing

1.      Trim the stitched piece:  I plan for about ¼” of the linen (or Aida) to  Therefore, trim your stitched piece about ½” away from the edge of the stitching on all sides.  This will allow you have a ¼” seam and ¼” of space around the stitching.   
show around the edge of my stitched piece.

2.      Make the pillow front: 

a.      Decide how big you want the pillow to be in general – for an example let’s say you want 2” of fabric to show around the edge of your piece when all done.  Allowing for ¼” seams on each side of that 2” means you need to cut your fabric strips 2.5” wide.fskjfsjkfslkfjsldfkjsdljjeane marie teareijfsdjfsfjs f;ejeanen mariemarnwosk

b.      Measure the height of your trimmed stitched piece and cut 2 strips of the pillow fabric -  2.5” wide by however tall your piece is.   Sew those strips onto the sides of the stitched piece (right sides together) and press when done.jeannemaryiemarynwoskk daveidbria mayrnowsk
abby marie marynwosk
buster marynowski

Wednesday, December 29, 2010